faking it is cute but the acting is just

"how come it took you two seasons to like regina but you just love zelena from the start"

because regina was evil ‘cause the world made her evil it was a choice not her actual personality but zelena is just generally deranged she was probably the kind of kid who killed the family cat just to see what it looked like inside and i am into the type

(i also had such a turn on for angelique from dark shadows)

I don’t dance with amateurs.

I’m just naturally quite toned. My dad was like a body builder, so I’ve got my dad’s body. Not all of it, thank God. - Rebecca Mader


a list of reasons why it’s okay that leopold knew regina was cora’s daughter when he proposed to her, and a list of reasons why it’s okay that cora did that to regina in the first place:

  • none
  • nothing
  • there is no list
  • it’s not okay 
  • at all
  • it’s fucking disgusting